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How do I send my product feed to Google Shopping?

In this article we explain the process of submitting your product feed for Google Shopping into Google Merchant Center. Google Merchant Center is the online portal in which you can send your products to Google Shopping. This article assumes you already have a Google Shopping feed link generated in the Preview step of a Google Shopping channel within Channable. If you still need to set up a Google Shopping channel, this article explains how you can set up a channel.

Google Merchant Center

If you don’t have a Google Merchant account yet, you can register an account on and click on the green Sign up button and log in with an existing Google Account. If you already have an account you can just click Sign in on the top right corner of the screen.


Once you are logged in in Merchant Center click on Products in the side menu to open your Feeds page. Next click on the blue plus button to create a new Google Shopping feed in your Merchant Center account.

Next, you are guided through 3 screens in which you provide all the necessary information to set up your Google Shopping feed. The first screen looks like the one shown below. For Mode you choose Standard, for Feed type you choose Products, and next you choose your target country and a self-chosen name for your feed.

After clicking Continue you will reach the second page, in which you choose the input method of your product feed. Here you choose the second option: Scheduled Fetches (as shown below).

 After clicking continue you reach the last page, in which you:

  • Choose a name for the file (does not have to be the exact file name);
  • Choose the frequency and time on which Google will download your product feed from Channable;
  • Paste the feed URL (which you can retrieve in Channable under Channels > Google Shopping > Preview);
  • Check the box "enable this feed for Google Shopping"
  • Click Save

You do not have to fill in a username and password.

 You have now added your feed to Google Merchant Center. Next, you can click on the name of the feed you've just created an click the button Fetch now.

Google now starts to process your feed an check if it contains all the necessary product information. Wait for a moment and refresh (F5) the screen a few times untill you see that your items are processed


  • Product warnings are aspects of your product feed that can be improved but will not prevent your products from being displayed on Google Shopping.
  • Product errors are aspects of your product feed that have to be improved in order for your products that have these errors to be displayed on Google Shopping. You can solve these errors by adding this information to your product feed in Channable.

Your products will now be validated by Google over the next couple of days. If you click on Products in the side menu you can track the progress of this validation process. If there is still an hourglass/timer icon displayed after your products it means that these products have not yet been validated by Google. After a few days the hourglasses/timer icons should turn into green checkmarks, which means your products are now live on Google Shopping!