Channable Help Center

At what times will my products be updated?

The information about the time that your webshop will be updated can be found in the 'settings' tab.

1) Webshop settings

When you have navigated to the 'settings' tab you will see, under webshop settings, 2 options. General and Scheduling information.

2) Scheduling information

To access the information about the time, click on the 'Scheduling information' option.

Under that option you will see 3 different settings: 

  • Run every day at
  • Schedule interval
  • In time zone

If you click on 'run every day at' you can select the time of day that you want your webshop to be updated. 

Depending on your subscription, you may have the option to choose if you would like us to update your webshop every day or more often. If you want to update more often than your current subscription allows, you can contact us.

The third and final option lets you select your time zone for your own convenience.